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An online archive of historical facts and figures, documents, media articles, letters and stories
documenting the conspiracy against the Daintree Community, and events in the Douglas Shire..
Prepare to be amazed! Read about discrimination, hypocrisy, pollution, misfeasance and conspiracy!

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The ARENA Powering Daintree Report - The AUSTROP response - The response to the AUSTROP response



The Daintree Conspiracy is the continued collaboration of various governments and private individuals and organisations to make life hard for the Daintree community, to sabotage their economy and future, to discourage settlement and drive them off their land, to keep land prices low for never ending buyback which celebrates closing roads and has the ultimate goal to get rid of the community to please the personal agenda of a select group with extreme green ideas and no respect for legal rights of the Daintree community..

The Daintree Conspiracy Museum (currently not operating) told the unbelievable story of an Australian community's struggles spanning over three decades.
Their governments legislated against basic services in their area, kicked people off their freehold land, restricts their access, sabotages their local economy, maintains a third world style polluting electricity supply in the 21st century, and just forgets about them half the time. Even when federal government decides to do something for the Daintree community there are still individuals and organisations out there who will try to sabotage this progress.

Why this website?

This website documents the complex and covert ways of the Conspiracy and brings to light some of the questionable tactics used, and this site also contains many historic documents and facts which people can use to educate themselves before they start making comments on social media on the issues of power and others. Many people that are new to the Daintree are not aware of the history of the issues, many people that live outside the Daintree have even less understanding of the past and current situation, but many often feel qualified to comment on social media confusing the issues even more quoting wrong facts, such as;
"you hippies got cheap land because there was never gonna be any power" (yes, plenty of studies were done, there WAS going to be power) Click here to see a time table from FNQEB, power was going to reach Cape Tribulation by 1997.
"you live in a National Park, you can't expect power" (no, we live outside the National Park, on freehold land that existed BEFORE the National Park was declared)
"you can't expect public money to pay for your infrastructure" (why not, all infrastructure in Australia is paid for with public money / taxes)
"electricity supply will bring overdevelopment" (no, after one third of properties were bought back and the award winning 2006 planning scheme was introduced the threat of overdevelopment is gone)
"you should just use solar power" (if it worked we would, but with over four metres of annual rainfall and shading rain forest trees this is not going to work).

Readers are invited to read everything, double check quotes and information elsewhere, view historical documents, and then make up their own mind if there is a deviate Conspiracy at work here to make life hard for Daintree residents, and what to think of some of the individuals involved in this.

Conspiracy Theories

Many people roll their eyes at conspiracy theories, such as the man on the moon and 9/11.
A Conspiracy Theory is a big claim to make but the Daintree Conspiracy Museum had all the documentation and historic evidence there for you to see, now it is all being moved to this website, and you will be convinced that there is Conspiracy working against the Daintree community.
Both this website and the Daintree Conspiracy Museum show you not just thoughts and opinions but a compilation of solid facts and figures and historical information. The Conspiracy works mostly behind the scenes in devious ways but when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together it becomes clear.

It is a big statement to make that there is a conspiracy against you, but when:

- your whole area gets excluded from the Distribution Authority of the electricity company without compensation through an amendment of the Electricity Act, making you the only area in Australia where legislation prohibits essential services,
- you wake up to an unannounced ban on any new houses from your local council followed by one third of properties having building rights taken off them,
- a very restrictive planning scheme is introduced,
- local and state government designate and maintain a traffic limiter in to your area in the form of Australia's most expensive cable ferry which they stubbornly maintain despite horrendous queues, social impact on community and against all advice from their own studies,
- your area is forgotten in all your local government's publications such as Economic Development Strategy, Climate Change Submission, Corporate Sustainability Strategy, etc.
- organisations like Terrain and Wet Tropics tried to divert tourists away from your area
- there is never any money for your area while millions upon millions are being spent in surrounding areas
- state and federal politicians make statements that only apply to other Queenslanders but not to people from your area
- people in your area don't qualify for rebates and subsidies and financial assistance that all other Queenslanders get
- local government cuts off access to your area for five days and treats any complaints with utmost contempt
- members of your local council and community actively work against basic services in your area (click here for latest update)
- councillors are members of a group that actively works against basic services in your area
- secret meetings are held where undermining of your community's viability is on the agenda

Then what other conclusion can you come to?

One Far North Queensland politician had already identified the Conspiracy back in 1994!

daintree conspiracy
Click image to read his full press release


And MP Warren Entsch confirmed it again more recently in June 2017 at the official opening of the Daintree Conspiracy Museum

The Daintree National Park was declared in 1981 but the authorities had a dilemma, there were already people living in this area.
Settlers and farms had been here for over a century and so the National Park was fitted around the privately owned land.
More people moved in during the 1980s and 1990s and this did not suit some environmentalists, who decided that they wanted to turn the clock back and get rid of these people that had settled in the area.
The decent way to do this would have been to buy everyone out, to re-locate them and pay them an amount that could buy them a comparable property elsewhere in Australia, and to compensate them for hardship and their expenses, but a cheaper option was chosen; economic sabotage and starvation, make life as hard as possible for businesses and residents, don't spend money on infrastructure or services and at some point people will find life too hard and leave.

Exclusion from electricity supply

During the 1990s several studies were done and the State Electricity Provider was ready to put an electricity grid in the Daintree but thanks to the ultra-greens, the Queensland Government decided mid 2000 to exclude the Daintree from the state's electricity grid.
The community protested loudly as this meant a huge devaluation of their properties, and it doomed the local economy forever due to the high cost of diesel generated electricity, people even spent thousand on lawyers thinking that this could not possibly happen in a modern democratic country but it did, and there was no legal recourse!
Ironically one of the driving forces behind this electricity exclusion was Mayor Mike Berwick who lived north of the Daintree river in one of the 13 properties on mains power!
The Daintree community gets told to use renewables, even though it is a proven fact that this is many times more expensive and not commercially viable for businesses, especially in an area where 4.5 metre annual rainfall limits solar power, creeks can not be dammed for hydro, and local council has requested state government to ban windfarms. Read more...

This video gives a quick introduction to the various aspects of the electricity denial

People kicked off their land

After this first kick in the guts the Daintree community got another one four years later in 2004 when Mayor Mike Berwick and his council councillors on his side slapped, without much warning, a building moratorium on the Daintree!
Once again, the community was in shock, people that had bought legally subdivided freehold land which hve certain rights attached to them were suddenly not allowed to build anything on it, which not only interrupted their plans but also made their land worthless, the only way to get some money back for it was to sell it to the government for what ever they offered.
Once again people could not believe what was happening, they hired lawyers thinking this would win their case but again there was nothing that could be done and after a two year emotional roller coaster ride leading to several resident's suicides during which it looked a few times like the controversial plan could be voted out in council, the new town plan came in to force which allowed building on some blocks but about 350 had their development rights removed. Read more...

The above are two scenarios you could expect in China, Russia or central Africa, but unprecedented in a modern western country.
Do you believe now that there is a Conspiracy to drive people off their land in the Daintree?
After they became the only place in Australia, or probably the world, where a government legislates against basic infrastructure, to follow up with Australia's most controversial town plan that took development rights away from about a third of the properties in the area.
If you don't believe in a Conspiracy yet then keep on reading...

Access restrictions

In the 1994 DSC Planning Scheme you can read that the ferry on the Daintree river is not just there by accident, it is there to limit and obstruct the flow of traffic in to the Daintree. And when State Government's FNQ Regional Plan was created in 2009 the paragraphs about this traffic limiter were copied in to there, and now the DSC Planning Scheme has to follow this FNQ Regional Plan again. Even though the local council had spent ratepayers money on a study in 2004 which recommended that soon a second ferry and then a bridge would be needed, the FNQ plan designates the ferry as a perpetual traffic limiter never to be improved or changed to choke access to the area. Meanwhile the price keeps rising every year while there is over $4 million in profits in the bank, and council quietly amended the rules on the ferry reserve in 2017 so now they can use the profits where ever they like in Mossman and Port Douglas.

While the ferry restricts the southern access to the Daintree, the Bloomfield Track restricts the northern access.
The once rough adventure road to Cooktown is now not so adventurous any more and sealed from Wujal to Cooktown, the steep hills on the Bloomfield Track have concrete sections on them, so there is only about 30 km. left which the Douglas Shire Council stubbornly keeps as a dirt road despite Wujal and Cook Shire Councils pushing for a sealed road.
These two shires have gone halves in paying for a study in to sealing the track, which also has the support from Warren Entsch and Cynthia Lui, and even Wet Tropics is behind it because they don't like to see all that runoff sediment from the track washing out on the coral reefs every time it rains.
The track is also frequently closed in the wet season which infuriated locals depending on this access route for their income. One resident found out that council closes it to gain extra funding from the state, while the road was perfectly passable.

There is another obstacle in the middle; the bridge over Noah Creek, which for some bizarre reason had always been kept looking like a dodgy museum piece, It was that bad at one point even the machinery that came to fix the bridge fell through it.
In July 2017 the neglect caught up with the bridge and it was no longer deemed safe for loads over 16 tonnes. This means the fuel trucks cold not come across fully loaded, and tough luck if you're in a building project...

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? If not, keep reading...


When ever the local Douglas Shire Council does something, the Daintree is never included; the 2016 Economic Developemt Strategy does not deal with the main economic obstacles of ferry access and lack of affordable electricity, the new 2017 Planning Scheme lists generators as an acceptable outcome, the 23 point submission on how to cut carbon emissions that local council made to state government n 2016 does not mention once that half the shire runs on third world style diesel generated electricity, currently council is wanting to get the whole shire eco-certified pretending the Daintree generators do not exist, somehow the Daintree is always forgotten...
And talk of neglect; the last time we have seen a Labor politician in the Daintree was in 1993, that is a quarter of a century ago!
We also no longer have a State Member standing up for us since we lost David Kempton in the 2015 elections, the Labor Party knows there's a lot of indigenous voters on Cape York so they placed Billy Gordon in the Seat of Cook who turned out to be a total disaster soon after election, and has never done anything for the Daintree. Next election they picked an indigenous candidate again who has so far never been to North Douglas to meet with the community. Media reported how wonderful her rise to stardom was being in parliament now after growing up in a place with no water or electricity supply. Well, kids in the Daintree do that today, in 2018....

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? If not, keep reading...

Diversion tactics

While there is never any money for the Daintree community there was $12 million to build the Mamu Skywalk near Innisfail, which was hoped to divert rain forest tourists south of Cairns instead of north, there was $20 million for the Mossman Gorge indigenous community to build their centre, and now the first million has been given to the Mossman Botanic Gardens which aims to build a mini Daintree rain forest in Mossman so people can tick the Daintree off the list a shorter driving distance from the main accommodation centres of Port Douglas and Cairns and they can save themselves the ever increasing ferry fare and the waiting in the queue.
Terrain NRM funded a campaign to send more tourists to Mission Beach in 2015, which is odd as the town already has a problem with cassowaries killed on the roads, why send more cars there? To divert them away from the Daintree? Read more...

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? If not, keep reading...


Infrastructure is either denied, restricted or sneakily removed. Electricity infrastructure is denied by legislation, water has not even been looked at, the landline phone system has never been upgraded since the 1980s, mobile signal non existent in most of the Daintree, the satellite internet keeps getting more unreliable with smaller dishes every time a new system is available, a playground in Cape Tribulation took seven years of pursuit by local parents until half the kids were too old to play there, the Daintree Gateway project has been talked about for over ten years now and has only produced some basic toilets, some information signs, some paint on the ferry wheel house, a bit of landscaping and some car parks, basic stuff that every council does without even mentioning it, and north of the river we had the rented plastic builders toilets for at least ten years.
Meanwhile National Parks twice attempted to pull out the Dubuji Boardwalk and the Cow Bay Beach toilets suddenly disappeared in April 2016, thanks to community protests these things have been returned but it is of course a ridiculous situation that the local residents have to spend their time on things like this.
The local medical clinic in Cow Bay is a shack that does not meet Queensland Health standards, it should have been replaced years ago but when the Labor Government took control of Queensland in 2015 they diverted the allocated funding to Dimbulah where they have more voters. It has been 24 years now since a Labor politician was spotted in the Daintree, and that was to make decisions detrimental to the Daintree community. Read more...

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? If not, keep reading...


During the 1980s and 1990s a lot of properties were bought back, and the famous Three Point Plan was agreed on where over development would be avoided by 1. buyback 2, restrictive town plan and 3. electricity supply.
At some point the buyback targets set in the plan were achieved but the ultra-greens were not happy, they want to keep buying land and have even celebrated closing roads a few times.
This can reach a point where it becomes dangerous for the Daintree community, there is already a problem that services like garbage collection can be expensive or cost prohibitive when the cost is spread over the remaining privately owned properties after a third was bought back, but some services like schools and clinics are based on population so at some point government could decide to pull these out. Read more...

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? If not, keep reading...


The local council claims to be oh so green, yet has done next to nothing to lobby state government to clean up this mess, they completely ignore and/or accept the fact that half the shire runs on smoking diesel generators, contributing to the global warming that kills the Great Barrier Reef on which our economy depends to a large extent. Mayor and one councillor are members of a green group that actively campaigns against normal services for the Daintree community. They publish one green policy or initiative after the other, emply a sustainability officer, win green awards and certifications, while half their shire runs on diesel generators....
The state government also claims to be oh so green, sends out a few media releases a week about all the solar farms they are building, 50% renewable energy target by 2030, all the millions they spend on subsidizing solar panels even on public housing, etc. but they refuse to even engage with the Daintree community to discuss a solution to the current pollution scenario that sends everyone broke.

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? If not, keep reading... Read more... (coming soon)


The Queensland government says they know the importance of affordable reliable electricity, and that is why they spend $560 million per year to subsidise the electricity tariffs in remote areas, but not in the Daintree.
They have special electricity rebates for pensioners, people with medical equipment needs, dole bludgers, asylum seekers, people short of cash, for everyone except Daintree people.
They have spent countless millions subsidising solar panels on half a million roof tops in the state with the aim of doing a million, but people in the Daintree do not qualify for this subsidy.
There are 34 remote power stations in indigenous communities in Queensland, even Stephen Island with only 40 houses in the Torres Strait has a micro grid and power station where ERGON has to helicopter in to service the generator.
After the electricity exclusion zone was declared from the Daintree river to the Bloomfield river in 2000, a cable was illegally brought across the Bloomfield river in 2004 to connect indigenous housing while people on Forest Creek Road north of the Daintree river have to run a generator while they can see the power lines from their window. Read more... (coming soon)

Are you starting to see the Conspiracy? All these things above can not be coincidence....

All the chapters above will be linked to other pages with more information and evidence soon, the historical documents have all been on display in the Daintree Conspiracy Museum..

The Daintree Truman Show

Have you seen the movie The Truman Show? It's about someone who thinks he lives a normal life unaware of everything being controlled by a bunch of people in a control room, but when some things just don't seem to add up or become too coincidental he starts to wake up, starts pushing the boundaries and eventually uncovers the truth.

Life in the Daintree is like that too.

While residents try to relax in their houses and business owners try to keep their business going, there are ultragreens in the control room trying to make life hard for them; block the electricity, make the ferry more expensive, close the ferry for a while, keep the queues long, deny services, obstruct a decent medical clinic, keep access restricted....



The Daintree Conspiracy Museum was officially opened 6 June 2017 by Federal Member for Leichardt Warren Entsch

Rob Lapaer and Warren Entsch did a speech before the ribbon was cut

The curator and founder of the Daintree Conspiracy Museum Rob Lapaer
and Federal Member for Leichardt Warren Entsch
did some speeches explaining the goals of the museum
reminisced about some historic events that led to the Conspiracy.


Warren Entsch cuts the ribbon to officially open the museum

LNP Candidate for Cook Penny Johnson and Museum Curator Rob Lapaer
help Warren Entsch to cut the ribbon and declare the Daintree Conspiracy Museum offically open.


Warren admiring the exhibits

Warren Entsch viewing the various exhibits on display; political cartoons, a Mike Berwick T-shirt,
environmental impact studies on how best to provide power the Daintree,
and letters from politicians promising power and even a FNQEB letter
with a time table of when the different areas in the Daintree would be connected.

official opening of the museum

The crowd of invited guests and VIPs celebrate the opening with a toast to ending the Conspiracy.

Jen Sackley at the Daintree Conspiracy Museum

Two weeks before the official opening One Nation Candidate for Cook Jen Sackley visited the Conspiracy Museum
and was amazed to learn some of the aspects of the Conspiracy


visitors to the museum
Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart visiting the Conspiracy Museum

Katter Party candidate Gordon Rasmussen used to have a business selling generator fuel to the Daintree so he knows how much pollution is going on in the Daintree


The Federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg visited the Daintree in April 2017 and was horrified to see
a community wedged in between two of the world's most special World Heritage Areas pumping out diesel fumes like in Central Africa.
He instructed ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) to put the Daintree on top of the priority list to ensure a cleaner
energy supply will be built here which will be appropriate for an eco tourism destination.

It is time for the Daintree community, wedged in between the Daintree rain forest and the Great Barrier Reef, to get a normal, clean, green power supply.

The ONLY obstacle in the way of the Daintree becoming a genuine eco tourism destination and getting rid of its diesel generators
has been the Queensland Labor Government who have ignored the issue for years and our local State MP Cynthia Lui appears to be under instructions from Brisbane not to engage with the Daintree community..

We will keep putting pressure on them to review their outdated policy on the Daintree and cooperate with Federal Government and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to put a clean energy supply in the Daintree.

Email the Queensland Premier Anastasia Palusczuk: the.premier@premiers.qld.gov.au

Email the Queensland Energy Minister: energyandwatersupply@ministerial.qld.gov.au

Tell them it is time for a review of their policy on the Daintree!

There is no threat of over development, the DSC planning scheme is very restrictive.
More than a third of Daintree properties have been bought back and had their development rights removed.
The award winning 2006 DSC Planning Scheme is protecting the Daintree from over development.
The lack of support for ARENA's plan to put grid power in the Daintree only leads to pollution,
hundreds of generators guzzle up three to four million litres of fuel per year and pump an annual 10 000 tonnes of CO2 in to the World Heritage listed rain forest which is a huge contribution to climate change.
Their stubborn position on this third world pollution scenario is an embarrassment with the many thousands of
international tourists that come to see the World Heritage listed Daintree rain forest every year!