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The ARENA Powering Daintree Report - The AUSTROP response - The response to the AUSTROP response


Denial of Electricity Supply

Why is there no electricity supply north of the Daintree river?

Some people think that it is because we are too remote, others think that it is too hard, or expensive....

We are not too remote, power lines carry power all the way from Gladstone to the Daintree river, then do a loop around the Daintree in to Wujal Wujal, the indigenous community 32 km north of Cape Tribulation, and then continue further north to Cooktown and Hopevale, so we not too remote.
And in outback Queensland and the Torres Strait every indigenous community has a power supply and a micro grid around the town. So remoteness is not the reason.

Too hard? No, the technology is there, and look how Telstra put phone cables all through the Daintree to every block in the 1980's, it is not that hard....

Too expensive? The Queensland government spends the amount needed for the Daintree grid every year on the remote indigenous communities and their micro grids.

Is it because we live in a national park? No, nobody lives IN the national park, everybody in the Daintree lives on legally subdivided privately owned land, next to the national park, just like some Sydney people live next to national parks within the city, and power can be supplied through underground cables in road reserves so no national park will be touched or affected with underground boring.

No, the real reason is that ultra greens convinced the state government to amend the Electricity Act to cut the Daintree out of Ergon's distribution area, for the purpose of making life hard for people and undermining the viability of businesses.
One of the main pushers against a grid was Douglas Shire mayor at the time Mike Berwick, who lived at that time in a grid connected house north of the Daintree river, and worked as hard as he could to stop it from reaching the rest of the community. That was in the 1990s, but today in 2019 he is still working against a normal electricity supply for the Daintreee community.

daintree power

In the 1980's the Queensland government promised electricity supply in the Daintree, the Cow Bay Hotel was built via a tender process, the business plan did not stack up without power supply but power was promised by the state government at the time to arrive within three years, the pub was built and a cheap generator was bought and a power pole erected at the road side.
The promised power supply never arrived and thirty years later the unconnected power pole still stands there as a monument to government lies.
Meanwhile the pub has gone in to receivership several times and when sold the last time only cost a bit over $300,000.- thanks to their massive fuel bills averaging $9000.- per month.

cow bay hotel  power pole
Federal MP Warren Entsch and Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart
at the unconnected power pole for Cow Bay Hotel

During the 1990s several studies were conducted on how to best provide power supply to the Daintree river and a time table was given by the electricity company of three different stages, with the final stage of Cape Tribulation to be connected by 1995.

daintree power

Then ultra greens managed to hijack the situation and in 2000 the Queensland government amended the Electricity Act to exclude the area from the Daintree river to the Bloomfield river from the state wide electricity grid.
The philosophy behind it was that if we make life hard for people and businesses commerically unviable then people wlll leave and we can turn back the clock to have an uninhabitated national park to have a green playground for the day tours from Cairns and Port Douglas.
Would you believe it?
A government legislated against a basic service just to make life hard for its constituents to try and drive them out of their homes, leading to decades of economic hardship and pollution!

electricityact amended
Changed legislation to make life harder for people in the Daintree

Daintree residents in the Forest Creek road area are so close to power lines some can see them from their house, but they have to run generators being stubbornly denied connection.
However on the other side of the exclusion zone electricity cables were illegally brought across the Bloomfield river for indigenous housing in 2004!

Daintree residents fought hard for their rights in the beginning, many action groups and committees pursued the issue and many thousands of dollars were spent on lawyers but all to no avail, despite Australia being considered a modern Western country it is perfectly legal for a government to pass legislation that crashes people's property values and dooms their economy.
Nowadays few people still pursue the fight, many people have dropped out, from disillusion or frustration from decades of government lies and hypocrisy, because they have moved out of the area sent broke by fuel and generator costs, or because they died, many people died of old age waiting for the promised power supply, and some were driven to suicide.
Another ironic fact that infuriated Daintree residents that their Mayor who was one of the driving forces behind this electricity denial, lived north of the Daintree river in one of the few houses connected to mains power!

Around 1996 there was a brief period where subsidies were available in the Daintree for solar power, but with the industry being in its infancy at that time some pretty useless systems were installed.
A couple of years later the situation changed and Daintree residents were no longer eligible for subsidies, the Queensland government subsidises solar panels on roof tops all over the state with the aim of having a million roof tops covered by 2030 but the Daintree residents do not get a cent towards all the regular replacements of all their "renewable" energy equipment. People often go and see the bank to borrow more and instead of paying off a mortgage like people in the city do, they find that after twenty years they owe more than before....

On the way to the Daintree ferry looking north.
Note how the clouds hang over North Douglas which has its own micro-climate, and further to the
right there is blue sky over South Douglas, where the greens are based who tell us to use solar...

And renewable energy is certainly not free, in the 1990's when FNQEB still did standalone systems they quoted a cost of $2.97 per kwh which of course was a prohibitive cost whent the rest of the state paid only about 15 cents.
And even a few years ago ERGON did a study done that compares being on a grid to being standalone renewable and it was still SIX times more expensive. And that would be in a normal place, in the Daintree with an average 4.2 metres of rain fall per year it is probably more like TWELVE times more expensive.

ergon study
Click here to see the study on ERGON's website

There are considerable set up costs, and replacement costs, the various components only last for so many years and many Daintree residents dig themselves in to ever deeper mortgage holes refinancing every few years to renew or upgrade their renewable energy systems.
For larger businesses it is not an option, you could spend up to a million dollars on a solar set up and still have to run a generator during the wet season, and banks won't lend for this.

expensive elecctricity
ERGON is not the only one that figured out that standalone power is
a multiple of the cost of normal grid power.


The first turn left when you drive off Australia's most expensive ferry is Forest Creek Road and down there you will find 13 properties connected to the main electricity grid, one of them the barramundi farm where Mike Berwick lived while he stopped power going further to anyone else.
If our hypocritical state government was genuinely interested in helping people then all they would have to do is lift the discriminatory exclusion from Ergon's distribution area for the Daintree and spare capacity on existing power lines can be used to extend power to neighbours to those 13 houses who currently have to run generators, and people can be helped and pollution saved at no cost to the Queensland government, properties are so close there they could pay all connection costs themselves.

daintree power lines
Power lines in the Daintree

But the government does have money, they frequently boast about the multi million dollar solar farms they are building, they spend around $50 million per year on subsidies and upgrades to remote indigenous community power stations, and state owned electricity provider Energy Queensland has an after tax profit of $942 million per year.

ergon profits


This example shows that the whole electricity denial is NOT ABOUT MONEY but it is one of the tactics to make life hard for Daintree residents and attempt to drive them off their land, and to keep land cheap for the never ending buyback.

As soon as there is talk of an electricity supply the greens are worried they won't be able to buy land for peanuts any more.


The government knows how important electricity is, you can read it on their own websites.

Affordable and reliable electricity is recognized by many high profile international organisations as crucial to economic activity and wellbeing.

In countries like Libya and Syria when they want to take over a city the first thing they do is turn off the electricity and water.

So as shown above the lack of electricity supply in the Daintree is not about money.

There is only one reason why there is no electricity supply in the Daintree and that is ultra greens keeping pressure on the Queensland government to deny us power, and ironically these greens are now responsible for 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year blowing from hundreds of generators in to the rain forest that they love so much.
Greenies polluting the planet, and it is not only the CO2 that ends up in the rain forest and draining in to the Great Barrier Reef waters, there is the sumpoil from all the oil changes in generators, discarded lead acid batteries, worn out generators and solar panels and other equipment. You would expect this in Africa but not in Australia!



This video gives a quick introduction to the various aspects of the electricity denial

On 14 April 2017 Federal Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg joined Warren Entsch for a trip to the Daintree, met with locals, saw the diesel generators running and smoking, and decided this was not acceptable in the 21st century.
He instructed ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) to do something about this, a study was commissioned and the report delivered early 2018.
Not much later even the Queensland State Government committed to working together with ARENA and while normally government and opposition disagree on everything, the opposition was in support of this commitment, as Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart has been to the Daintree several times about this issue.
Unfortunately later the Queensland Labor government changed their stance again and withdrew support for the micro grid.

So everyone agreed that it was a great idea to change from hundreds of diesel generators to a cleaner greener grid, and then the ultragreens got involved again.....

Mike Berwick and Hugh Spencer, who hung around in the Daintree after the other hippies went home when they had been defeated at the Bloomfield Track Blockade, started protesting against the grid, together with all their mates from the Douglas Shire Sustainability Group, which includes a couple of Douglas Shire councillors.

Now it is going to be a long story, too long for this page, please click here to go to the next page to read about how greens want to keep the Daintree generators going....