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There is a lot of hypocrisy involved in the issue of the Daintree Electricity Crisis.
This page shows you a list of examples, although this list is far from complete.

The supposedly green Labor government in Queensland boast about wind farms such as Mount Emerald, and solar farms in Kidston, Dalby, Oakey, Hughenden, Collinsville, Clare, Barcaldine, Sunshine Coast, Longreach, Lakeland and Normanton, but deny the Daintree a grid connection to share in this, they insist the Daintree keeps runnning on diesel generators!

One of the government's excuses for inaction is the expense of a grid in the Dainree.
If that was true then why not just let people on Forest Creek road where they are next to the grid hook up at no cost to government?
Just have a look at the Annual Report of Enery Queensland; $942 million after tax nett profit per year!

annual profit

Numerous studies and local townplans have talked about "sustainable community".
This is hypocritical BS because how can a community be sustainable if it survives on diesel generators because it is denied essential services and suffering under economic sanctions and policies that undermine local economy.
Many international organisations have defined the connection between affordable and reliable energy supply and the economic activities that can be carried out.
An economically deprived community can never be a sustainable community,

All levels of government want everything to go greener and greener, yet they promote pollution by denying the Daintree a grid that can replace the hundreds of generators and 3 million litres of fuel trucked up across the Daintree river every year.

In 2013 the Queensland government announced plans to make Queensland the world leader in eco-tourism, when I wrote to them that the Daintree is a pretend eco-tourism destination they showed no interest.
Eco-tourism does not just mean an outdoor activity, it means that there is minimum impact on the environment (which generators are not) and it includes economic wellbeing of the population (while currently the population borders on broke paying for fuel and generators).
When the government promotes the Daintree as an eco-tourism destination this is absolute hypocrisy.

Now Douglas Shire Council has even come up with an idea to get the entire shire eco-certified. Certifying South Douglas might work, but how could North Douglas be eco-certified while it spews out 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and has mountains of worn out lead acid batteries scattered around the forest?
And in 2018 they made the first step towards this; they conned their way in to being awarded Top 100 Most Sustainable Destinations...
With a sugarmill that stinks out the town half the year and makes people sick, and half the shire running on third world polluting diesel generators...

pollution in  the daintree
Besides an annual 10 000 tonnes of CO2 the Daintree also generates mountains of worn out batteries and solar panels.

In 2018 we were told that Prince Charles would visit the Daintree. We knew he is an environmentalist so we were hoping to meet him to show him the generators and get his support for a normal electricity supply, but (as expected) he only made a brief stop in Mossman Gorge and then flew out again. The Mayor had the opportunity to meet him and congratulate the Prince on his environmental work, although we doubt there would have been any honest talk happening as in the image below....

prince charles and julia leu

In 2019 Mayor Julia Ley signed off on a call to the federal government to work with local government to mitigate the effects of climate change, ironically only days before she had attended a meeting in North Douglas where the federal energy minister Angus Taylor had announced further funding for the renewable micro grid in the Daintree! The federal government is ready to work with this local government to cut carbon emissions in North Douglas but our Mayor is against this, citing fears of over-development.

And while we're on the subject of hypocrisy, of course we can't get around Mike Berwick.
He claims to be green yet it is his efforts that were a major reason to the Electricity Act being amended to declare the Daintree an exclusion zone, (while he himself lived in a grid connected house on Forest Creek Road) making hiim responsible for the annual four million litres of generator fuel that pump 10,000 tonnes of CO2 and other pollutants in to the Daintree rain forest every year.

berwck letter in gazette march 2013

In March 2013 he declared to be in favour of a grid in the above letter to the Gazette, but in 2018 when ARENA wants to do exactly that he is suddenly protesting against it again...

And in March 2019 the local Port Douglas radio staton interviewed Mike Berwick asking questions why he, as the creator of the award winning planning scheme, built and lives in an illegal dwelling in violation of his own planning scheme...

Mike: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-6fmqk-ab4546

Julia: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-r82b3-ab444c

It is ironic how he and his friends bought rainforest in the seventies and built houses in it, but when others started doing the same in the eighties and nineties it was classed as evil development and it had to be stopped.

25/09/2013: Media Release
Minister for Energy and Water Supply
The Honourable Mark McArdle

Minister tours Scenic Rim region

Minister Mark McArdle to the Mayor of the Scenic Rim Region: “Providing safe, reliable and affordable energy and water supply is vital to meeting the basic needs of communities and for the future development of Queensland.”
(If it is so vital to communities then why is the Daintree community excluded from Ergon's distribution area? Is it only vital for all other Queenslanders but not vital for the Daintree community?)

And one of the highlight of the hypocrisy page;

Tony Abbot told the world during his speech at the G20 that it is not acceptable that one fifth of the world still lacks access to electricity, but forgot to mention that he has a little third world country in his own back yard!

G20 speech

Read it here on the PM's website, last paragraph down the bottom.
Oops, that link now no longer works now, Tony has been ditched and his statements deleted from the PM website. How many politicians have we seen come and go that do nothing for us? Lucky I take screen shots of vital info like this.

tony abbott speech


Want to read some more hypocrisy?
The above was on the (now previous) Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey's website

This is what you will read:

As Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Mark is focused on delivering safe, efficient and affordable electricity and water supplies to Queensland households and businesses.

Safe? Generators are definitely not a safe way to generate electricity, read this article about a man who entered a shed where a generator had been running, he passed out from carbon monixide poisoning and had to get his legs amputated.

He is a strong advocate for renewable energy and is focused on a cleaner, greener energy future for Queensland.

The Minister acknowledges the significance of his portfolio as a jobs generator and the importance of roads, water and energy to business, industry and everyday Queenslanders.

So if he is focussed on delivering safe, efficient and affordable electricity to Queensland households and businesses then is the the Daintree not a part of Queensland any more?
Because that is where the dirty expensive diesel generators roar 24 hours a day.
If he is focussed on cleaner greener energy for Queensland then why does he refuse to do anything to get the polluting generators out of the Daintree rain forest?

On his Energy Department's website it said:

The Department of Energy and Water Supply's vision is a prosperous Queensland through resilient and affordable energy and water sectors.

To achieve this, the department's strategy is to deliver innovative policy, planning and regulatory solutions in partnership with our stakeholders to support cost-effective, safe, secure and reliable energy and water supply.

This also indicates the Daintree is not a part of Queensland, the area is economically struggling being denied the resilient and affordable energy mentioned above, and the innovative policy to support cost-effective, safe, secure and reliable energy and water supply is also nowhere to be seen with hundreds of generators burning up three million litres of fuel per year.

In the Department of Energy and Water Supply's blueprint statement it says:

Every Queenslander – including each one of us – needs a safe, reliable and affordable electricity and water supply. The work we do every day helps to protect our standard of living and grow our state’s economy.

If the department is aware that every Queenslander needs a safe reliable and affordable electricity supply and they are also aware that the Daintree community is economically struggling with the high cost of their dirty generator electricity then this can only mean that the Daintree is not a part of Queensland any more.

Every time a person in Queensland turns on a tap or flicks a light switch, they experience the effects of our laws, policies, planning and regulations. This already makes them our customers.

Yes, in the Daintree we certainly feel the effect of your laws.
The exclusion from Ergon's distribution area and the law banning neighbouring properties from sharing electricity have devastated the Daintree economy for decades and sent many businesses down the drain.




Microgrids - back to the future?

24 June 2015 By Ergon Energy, read full article here

Micro- grids could become increasingly popular in Queensland in coming years, where small communities run their own local power network separate from the main grid.

The article craps on about how keen Ergon is to build micro grids, and Peter Nimmo is the man in charge of it all. So Russell, the chairman of the Daintree Power Committee, immediately got on the phone to tell Peter where he could start building his micro grid. Numerous calls later Russell gave up, Peter simply did not want to hear about the Daintree...

Hypocritical Media Statements from Queensland Government

In this media statement they said;
Mr Bailey said regional Queensland would continue to be looked after with the continuation of subsidies.

“We’ve committed more than $560 million to subsidise regional Queensland electricity prices this financial year, to ensure that customers across regional Queensland pay a similar amount for their electricity to those in South East Queensland,” he said.

“These subsidies are important to households in regional Queensland because the Palaszczuk Government knows the importance of ensuring a family in say Townsville, Cairns or Mount Isa pay a similar amount for their electricity than a household in Brisbane.”

So I wrote to them to ask if they also understand the importance of a family in the Daintree paying a similar amount for their electricity but you can guess the answer....

Another one:

Budget delivers energy and water for regional Queensland

The Palaszczuk Government’s 2016 Budget delivers electricity price relief for regional Queenslanders and invests in new energy.

Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply Mark Bailey said this year’s State Budget delivers $655 million in subsidies and support across the energy and water supply portfolio, further securing reliable and cost-effective delivery of these vital services for Queenslanders.

“Communities, particularly those in regional Queensland have been a major focus of the Palaszczuk Government’s 2016 State budget,” Mr Bailey said.

Rural and regional consumers

“We’ve committed $561.2 million to subsidise regional Queensland electricity prices, to ensure that customers across regional Queensland pay a similar amount for their electricity to those in South East Queensland.

“These subsidies are important to households in regional Queensland because the Palaszczuk Government knows the importance of ensuring a family in areas including Townsville, Cairns and Mount Isa and in other rural and regional communities pay a similar amount for their electricity than a household in Brisbane.”

In this one you can read: The Premier said the Government was committed to governing for all Queenslanders, and Cabinet meetings in regional areas was another demonstration of the Government’s commitment to listen and deliver for communities across the State
How come we never see a Labor politician north of the Daintree river? Committed to all Queenslanders but not the Daintree...

State Ministers to meet in FNQ for Indigenous focused Cabinet:
State Cabinet will meet in Cairns today with Mayors and representatives from Indigenous councils throughout the state, continuing the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to work with all Queenslanders.
Under Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s leadership, this government works tirelessly to ensure everyone has a voice on the challenges and opportunities in their region,” Ms Trad said.
“Engaging with the community and hearing the views and needs of families across Queensland is vital,” she said.
“We will continue our focus on being accessible to Queenslanders, regardless of where they live in this state as we deliver on infrastructure, jobs and our economic plan.” (Regardless of where they live, unless it is in the Daintree, because what infrastructure, jobs and economic plan is being delivered there? No plan...

Rooftop solar power trial for Far North Queensland public housing tenants
A trial to deliver electricity savings for some of the community’s most vulnerable electricity customers will be rolled out in four Queensland locations including Cairns and Lockhart River. (Who could possibly be more vulnerable than Daintree residents who can have expensive gear blow up any time? Apparently public housing tenants are who have the security of a never ending dole cheque stream...)
This media statement also includes: "We want every Queenslander to enjoy cheaper electricity while helping to grow the state's renewable energy sector" Really? Every Queenslander? And why are Daintree residents still running generators with no assistance?

Ergon did a detailed study and found that solar power is six times more expensive than the grid, and that would be in a normal area, in the Daintree rain forest this can probably be doubled, meanwhile the Qld govt spends nearly $600 million per year subsidizing tariffs in regional Queensland because they say they know how important the price of electricity is to households and businesses.

Paris Climate Accord

paris accord

Paris, 2015, 150 nations commit to cutting back CO2 emissions, even mass murderer dictators like Mugabe are there, but our Queensland premier keeps the Daintree generators roaring...

Climate Crusaders and hypocrisy