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Services in the Daintree

To discourage settlement and keep population low, the Daintree community is denied most of the basic services that the rest of Australia, and even many Third World countries, take for granted.
And even the services that they do have are usually in a sad state, or lacking in quality or reliability.

Cow Bay Clinic

Cow Bay clinic
The Cow Bay Clinic

The Cow Bay Clinic is the only medical facility in the Daintree and gets visits from doctors once a week at the most and other specialists only every couple of weeks.
The building does not meet the Queensland Health standards and has been due for replacement a long time ago.
At one point this facility was the next one in line to be replaced with a bigger and better facility but then the 2015 elections resulted in a Queensland Labor Government and the funding allocated was switched from the Daintree to Dimbulah which has more Labor voters.
In July 2018 the Douglas Shire Council forgot to get fuel delivered to the clinic's diesel generator, it ran out of fuel, blew up the inverter and the clinic was closed for half a week with no power and all refrigerated medicines had to be thrown out.
Various planning schemes over the years discouraged the creation of local employment opportunities to avoid population growth, so this could mean the area would only be attractive to retirees. But of course old people need doctors on a regular basis so it is believed that the Conspiracy sabotages progress to a decent clinic to discourage retirees boosting the Daintree population.

But even though there was no money for this clinic in the Daintree, there was money for other places:

$16.5 million new Palm Island Primary Health Care Centre

$1 million in 2017-18 out of a $7 million total spend to replace the Mer (Murray) Island Primary Health Care Centre to support
quality, safe services. Part of the Rural and Regional Infrastructure Package.

$2.6 million in 2017-18 out of a $2.8 million total spend to construct a replacement ambulance station and accommodation at Thursday Island.

$5.2 million in 2017-18 out of a $6.7 million total spend to refurbish and extend the Aurukun Primary Health Centre facilities including new staff accommodation, upgraded amenities, consultation rooms, disabled access ramps and ambulance bay.

In November 2018 we were treated to a big surprise!
For the first time in decades Qld Labor politicians crossed the Daintree river and ventured in to North Douglas!
Unannounced that was, to avoid meeting locals asking questions about progress on a normal electricity supply for North Douglas, of which the State Govt does not appear to be in favour, judging by them sitting on their hands while Warren Entsch MP is working hard on it.
Cynthia told the state in her maiden speech how she grew up in a Torres Strait house without electricity supply.
Well. kids in North Douglas are still doing that today, and what is she doing about it?
Not only the residents and businesses in North Douglas need a normal electricity supply, so does this clinic, earlier this year when council forgot to order fuel for the clinic's diesel generator the electricity equipment blew up and unrefrigerated medicines had to be thrown out and the clinic had to close for a while.
And why was the health minister here anyway? A great excuse to escape all the media mayhem in Brisbane where his office staff rigged a fraudulent poll to spend half a million dollars renaming the Lady Cilento Hospital?

cynthia lui at cow bay clinic

A petition was started to get some attention from the Queensland Health Minister;

clinic petition

Garbage collection

This is yet another basic service that the local council just can't seem to organise.
In 2016 they did a survey on it which was designed to fail, they asked residents if they would like one bin per week picked up. Most people in the Daintree are environmentally aware and keep their general rubbish and recycliing separated so this proposal was nonsense as it means either putting all your recycling in landfill or paying for one bin to be picked up and still having to make the long drive to the dump to get rid of your recycling.
For Cow Bay residents the trip to the dump is not that long but Cape Tribulation residents face a 65 km. round trip to get rid of their rubbish, many times the request was made to council to put some skip bins in Cape Tribulation but in the end they only managed to put in one skip bin for only a couple of large businesses, so those businesses still had to drive to Cow Bay to dump their recycling, and households and small businesses still had to drive 65 km. to empty their bins.


The copper phone lines from last century are useless for internet and while the government spends many millions laying fibre optic cables to remote indigenous communities the Daintree has no other choice than satellite internet.
Traditionally this has been slow but speeds picked up when the NBN arrived, only problem is that every time you get a new dish (I have gone through three since the service arrived) the dish is only half the size of the previous one.
This creates the problem that as soon as there is dense cloud cover or heavy rain (which of course is very common in a rain forest) then your internet drops out again....
Most of the Daintree was cut off from the rest of the world early 2017 when landline phones were down for more than a week, without mobile signal the only way to report a fault is to do it online but then if your internet stops too every time it rains in the wet season then you're really screwed...
Most people in the normal world are on unlimited download internet plans, in the Daintree 40 GB per month is about as much as you can get, that is only 1.3 Gb per day and with many devices doing regular updates of half a Gb without even telling you that gets chewed up pretty quick...

Landline telephones

During the 1980's, in the days before the Daintree Conspiracy was founded, Telstra dug trenches and put copper phone lines in the ground all through the Daintree so everybody could have access to telephone service.
It was a good effort at the time but now in 2017 thirty years later this system from last century is outdated, it is not suitable for data transfer for EFTPOS machines or internet, and often malfunctions in the wet season. A big handicap to Telstra is also the lack of normal power supply in the Daintree so every exchange needs solar panels and a back up generator, expensive to set up and cumbersome to maintain. I
It leads to situations such as early 2017 where the Daintree was without phone service for weeks, thanks to persistent rain the solar panels at the Telstra tower did nothing, and then the back up generator blew up. During a meeting with Telstra in May several business owners who had been impacted by the phone outage were shocked to hear that Telstra thinks it is too expensive to have two generators (while every business in the Daintree has two) and also they could not be bothered to hire during the breakdown.
Thanks to most of the Daintree having no mobile reception it is difficult for people to report the faults to the Indian call centres and many frustrating hours are spent on this by Daintree business owners who have more important things to do.

Mail delivery

Daintree residents get their mail delivered only twice a week.
Mid 2017 the media reported that in the indigenous community of Wujal Wujal the mail delivery was reduced from three to two times a week, they were outraged and said twice a week was unacceptable and it went back to three times a week.
Meanwhile the Daintree is still on two mail deliveries a week....

Mobile telephone service

Only a few spots in the Daintree get a few bars of mobile reception, most of the Daintree is without signal, which has caused delays in obtaining help in accidents and emergencies, and it makes life hard for people doing business online as you often have to get SMS codes sent to your mobile to log in, open accounts or do online purchases.
Federal Black Spot funding has finally been approved for a mobile tower in Cape Tribulation but it is taking an extremely long time for a tower to appear....
Meanwhile the Conspiracy is not happy with improved telecommunications, they see this as a threat too, they have managed to screw the local economy with the denial of affordable electricity to keep population down so jobs are scarce, but with decent telecommunications people could settle in the Daintree and work from home.

On 13 August 2019 the Cairns Post alerted us to Hugh Spencer having been removed by the police from the ferry queue where he was bothering tourists with a survey on mobile phone reception, in the hope of building a case against this vital basic service.


Parents in Cape Tribulation wanted a play ground for their children. In most normal places in Australia these facilities are just provided without any fuss or question but here it took SEVEN years until the play ground finally materialised.
At the official opening there were some kids playing, and some awkward looking teenagers too, it had taken that long to establish that half the Cape Trib kids were too old for this now!


If you have any trouble in the Daintree, don't count on calling the police!
You'll have to sort your problems out yourself, the nearest police station is in Mossman to the south, or in Wujal Wujal to the north, although they never come down to the Daintree as far as I know.
There is no police station in the Daintree, even though it has a community of close to a thousand people.
Especially at night police are reluctant to come up worried they might miss the last ferry over the Daintree river to get home at the end of their shift.

Public transport

There is no public transport in the Daintree, if you don't have a car you're screwed, and even the Mossman High School bus does not even come up to Cape Tribulation.

Water supply

There is no water supply anywhere in the Daintree, and although it is nowhere near such a big issue as the absence of power thanks to an annual rainfall of 4.5 metres, the Daintree does still get its dry times too.
The first time I met the Minister of Energy and Water in the Daintree he said he had just been to Wujal Wujal because their pumps were getting a bit old and they were worried they might have a problem with their water supply in the next couple of years. I felt like saying well we don't have any water supply at all, shouldn't you come here first?